"Saving Families from Inheritance Disasters"



I love my family. That's part of why I make plans for them. I know I need my Will, maybe a Trust, probably Life Insurance. There's other stuff, too. I want to make sure stuff goes where I want.

I Love Them Enough that I want to know better. I definitely Love Them Enough to do better. Just tell me what I need to know.

Scot here. In 1988 I headed to law school...

I became a lawyer in 1992, and I knew how to get Wills and Trusts done for clients. BUT...

Mary died. Her estate was the first one I worked on, and her children lost $350,000... EVEN THOUGH the Will said what Mary wanted the Will to say. EVEN THOUGH the Trust said what Mary wanted the Trust to say.

But Mary did something that broke it. One missing piece of paper cost her kids a third of million dollars...

I realized that as important as it was to have the Will and Trust done well, that Mary needed to know more. If she knew better, she would have done better. Mary loved her children... she just didn't know.

So I decided I need to help people know.

You're here. Of course you want to know more... but

How Much Time Do You Have?


I Have FOUR Minutes.

I have almost no time. I just need a quick answer. How do I know if this is what I need? Tell me... but make it fast. 4:11


I can give you 15 minutes.

I want to know more.

Yes, if I know better, I will do better. Obviously, when it comes to my family, I Love Them Enough. But I want to know what this is all about - and why it's important. I'll decide if I need the rest.


I Want to Know Better. I'll give you an hour to tell me something I don't know.

OF COURSE I Love Them Enough. Yes, of course, if I know better, I'll do better. If I'll know better in an hour or so, I'm ready to invest that time with you. Teach me something new that will make a real difference. Then I'll decide about the rest.

(60 minutes of teaching, 17 minutes of Q&A)


I Already Decided. Sign Me up!

I already know that it's not all up to the lawyers. I already know that this is the one thing I can't fix if I make even the most innocent mistake. I know I need this NOW!


Scot Conway is the Man I Trust Most

I’ve been in the Elder Care industry most of my adult life. I know more about late-life and end-of-life issues than most people because it’s my profession. But one professional told me to definitely do one thing… and another professional told me to the exact opposite thing.

Another big issue that affects my family was making a mess. So, I went to the man I trust most – Scot Conway. I found out what to do, and WHY to do it that way so I’d know if something needs to change later. So many things got fixed in time. Scot is one of the very, very few professionals I actively recommend.

Therese Johnson,

Senior Care of Sacramento

Conway is a Critical Member of My Team

My idea a long time ago was to be a boss and build an empire. I know business, but there’s a lot of law I don’t know.

Trusts? I’ve heard of different kinds, and I knew I needed something – but I always thought I could wait. Then a friend of mine lost her husband. He didn’t have his stuff done. That was a real wakeup call.

Every time we put this stuff off, we’re gambling with everything we own. I seriously think we all need to know more about this. After watching a mess, I decided it was time to take action. I hope you do, too.

John Oda,

CEO of the PNBC Group

Our Team

Scot Conway

Attorney at Law

Virginia Muzquiz

Business Coach Leader

Sheila Hughes

Laser Coach Leader


Does I Love Them Enough include a Will and Trust?

Simple answer: No.

The reasons for that are more clear as you go, but let's say this: 90% of the problems we've seen are NOT in the documents. We tend to get the documents we "should" get without understanding what we need to do before and after. When you know what you need, we can help you get what you need.

I'm Busy. Really Busy. But I need ... something. Will this work?

Ten minutes a day. Watch the video or download the audio or get the slide deck... whatever works for you. You can even do the watch/listen part while you do something else. It's all in small, bite-sized pieces with quick, easy assignments. One small step at a time, with almost no extra time required from your schedule.

I Want This Done NOW. Can I just do it all fast?

There is an hour-by-hour option where you watch a module of six lessons all at once and do six small assignments as you go. If you want, you can treat it like a one-day Intensive and do it all right now.

I Hear you GUARANTEE Your Program. What does that mean?

After decades as an attorney and seeing way too many disasters, he knows what we're missing. A tiny percentage of people might go through the whole program and think "I already knew ALL of that, and I do the parts that apply to me and my family. It wasn't worth the investment." If that happens to be you... you can get your money back. All of it. We even give you six weeks - enough time to do the whole program day-by-day - and even after you've been through the whole program, you can get all of your money back... with our congratulations for already knowing!

Related to that: "But aren't you worried people will cheat you?" No. Not really. But let's suppose someone is the sort of person who would buy a program, use a program, get value from it, and then ask for their money back as a cheat... us giving back money isn't the biggest problem. The bigger problem is that someone with a cheat-people philosophy is making plans for their family. So, if we're dealing with someone who would cheat us, they'd cheat their extended family, and we'd rather not have anything to do with them anyway!